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No but really. I need for grown ppl to stop coming for a baby. If you have no edges, fresh chemical burns from a relaxer, if you can’t pull YOUR, I said YOUR hair back into a ponytail due to balding, if your parts are round, if your hairstyles consist of weave installation after weave installation with out other options…. I need for you to never come for Blue or any other natural, a day in your life. I need for black folk to stop reacting to kinky hair like they ain’t never seen it. And I need for all biracial ppl to have several seats. You can’t be black when you want to say nigga, but then separate yourself from black ppl like: ew kinky hair. Please don’t get me started.
"Check that bitch mouth, man, before that bitch suck you"
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yung lean


Me as a mother


this is so funny